Chomsky’s Universal Glamour

Satirical website Newsbiscuit has a funny piece about linguist Noam Chomsky being a new judge on X-Factor.

Professor of linguistics and political campaigner Noam Chomsky has been confirmed as the new judge on TV talent show The X Factor. ‘Cheryl Cole was still recovering from malaria and we needed someone who could fill the intellectual void,’ said programme creator Simon Cowell, ‘Professor Chomsky is perfect and the audience just loves him.’

In his first outing as judge, Chomsky quickly made his mark. ‘Your act is part of a propaganda state promoting a culture-ideology of comforting illusion’, he told one hopeful young girl, before adding, ‘I’m saying yes.’

Chomsky then set about a teenage boy-band, describing them as ‘yet another example of pre-packaged ideological oppression whose lyrics systematically fail to demonstrate even a basic understanding of what happened to East Timor in 1975,’ he paused for effect, ‘But, I’m giving you a second chance…You’re through to the next round.’


Link to Newsbiscuit story.

4 thoughts on “Chomsky’s Universal Glamour”

  1. Wow… Its quite effective, I’ve never heard of or wanted to watch any show of this ilk, and now I’m downloading it. I hope its good… I might skip the acts and go to his scathing critiques.

  2. A linguist of Chomsky’s stature would know that “glamour” is, in fact, “grammar” in Scots dialect.

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