NeuroPod on James, genes and jammin’

The latest Nature Neuroscience podcast has just appeared online. The latest edition is a particularly good one and tackles the 100th anniversary of William James’ death, a barely known gene that has been linked to severe brain malformations, monkey anxiety and psychedelic psychiatry.

The author of William James‘ biography, Linda Simon, is interviewed about the life of the great man and founder of modern psychology. The interview makes for a brilliant potted biography of James and is a particular highlight of the show.

I also enjoyed the interview with Franz Vollenwider, co-author of the recent article on the use of psychedelic drugs in psychiatry who gives a classic scientists’ answer to the question “Have you ever taken these drugs yourself?” He replies “When we did the very first psilocybin study, we had no idea about the dose…”

You’ll have to listen to the show to hear how it went.

Link to NeuroPod homepage.
mp3 of this episode.

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