Down and dirty

Baba Brinkman is a beat dealer and science rhyming pioneer who has just recorded an awesome hip-hop album on evolutionary psychology.

Most importantly, it’s actually a great album. It’s not an attempt at parody or a tribute, it’s an inspired, groove heavy, high production values record with a wonderful lyrical touch.

It’s not for kids, you simply won’t be able to play half the tracks to your high school science class without risking your job, as in classic hip-hop tradition, it’s down and dirty from beginning to end.

But it’s also a brilliant guide to the theories and controversies of evolutionary psychology and covers everything from game theory to twin studies.

You can listen to it online and can download it to your computer and mp3 player, choosing whatever price you want to pay for it.

Link to Baba Brinkman’s The Rap Guide to Human Nature (thanks Mark!)

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