The psychic origins of EEG

Oscillatory Thoughts has an excellent post on Hans Berger, the inventor of EEG, who created the technology not solely to investigate the electrical signals of the brain, but to try and uncover the neural basis of ‘telepathy’.

It turns out, Berger was a big believer in psychic phenomena: namely telepathy. He believed that there was an underlying physical basis for mental phenomena, and that these mental processes—being physical in nature—could be transmitted between people. Thus, in order to show that psychic phenomena exist, Berger sought to show the nature of the underlying physical processes of thoughts and emotions.

The piece goes on the explain the details of Berger’s early experiments and how the link between electrical activity and brain function has expanded since his revolutionary invention.

Berger is one of the most fascinating characters in the history of neuroscience, but is badly under-researched.

Sadly, he ended his own life in his later years as he struggled to come to terms with the rise of the Nazis, but he has left a weighty legacy which has become a central pillar of neuroscience, despite its somewhat idiosyncratic origins.

Link to Oscillatory Thoughts on Hans Berger and EEG.

One thought on “The psychic origins of EEG”

  1. VERY cool — I love when scientists (whom many of us think of as types who will only be persuaded by cold hard and logical facts) delve into the things they cannot see, but which they believe are real nonetheless. You should take a look at a film (documentary) probing scientific evidence behind psychic phenomena – “Something Unknown … is doing we don’t know what.” It provides scientific evidence behind psychic phenomena and shows scientific experiments that show a connection between the mind and the mind, the mind and the body, and the mind and the world. The film shows how psychic power is a part of our inherent nature.

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