Methamphetamine lollygagger

Thanks to Ian for emailing to congratulate Mind Hacks on hosting a Googlewhack – a Google search that turns up only one link. If you search for methamphetamine lollygagger on Google, the only hit is one of our pages.

God knows how Ian discovered this. Great name for a band though.

Of course, as soon as this page gets indexed it will no longer be a Googlewhack.

3 thoughts on “Methamphetamine lollygagger”

  1. dude…all the haters talk about how “easy” it is to buy methamphetimines online, EITHER kind, yet i can’t find crap! if we’re adults, know what we’re doing, and just need to loose some weight, or cram for a couple of nights, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?!?!? it’s better than looking for this shit on street corners, isn’t it?!? i’m sick of all the preaching, yet those very same fools “confistcating” the shit, are the 1’s smokin it! someone throw me a bone, please. where can i find it…for REAL! i don’t need anymore lectures!

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