Healthy relationships and the sound of success

PsyBlog has just started a series of articles investigating the psychology of relationships by examining recent research looking at how relationships may do our health as much good as a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Another article discusses why music is so commonly talked about when we’re getting to know someone. Partly, it seems, because we tend to see music choice as indicating something about personality.

Research has suggested that this might have some basis to it, as music choice seems to reliably indicate aspects of personality and reveals information not necessarily available through other sources.

Future articles in the series will explore other interesting aspects of relationships studied by psychologists.

Link to article ‘Why Health Benefits of Good Relationships Rival Exercise and Nutrition’.
Link to ‘Personality Secrets in Your Mp3 Player’.

One thought on “Healthy relationships and the sound of success”

  1. As a movement psychotherapist, I am constantly aware of the many other non-verbal ways in which people assess each other. For instance, when I am describing to other professionals about preference in distance between two bodies, shapes/gestures that bodies make, as well as facial expressions, I usually describe these unconscious preferences by assimilating them to musical preference. Sound is just the beginning!
    I’d love to see more research included here, regarding bodily and movement preferences beyond what is commonly known as “body language” in popular magazines. See: Alan Schore’s work on neurobiology and attachment, as well as Daniel Siegel’s work under similar experience.
    Thanks! Looking forward to discussing more details of non-verbal, psycho-social inquiry!

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