The first one is always free

Never afraid to flaunt their lack of irony, the website of the Centre for Internet Addiction Recovery now has podcasts, a blog, video streams, a mailing list and an online shop.

Internet addiction? Feh! Personally, I’m still trying to kick a heavy Fidonet habit I picked up in the early 90s.

2 thoughts on “The first one is always free”

  1. Flattered as I am that you consider my ANSI art of Bob valuable enough to hotlink to, you really can find better images of Bob from the Art Mines:
    In this day and age of being able to host your images for free all over the Internet if you’re too cheap to pay for your own host, I didn’t know anybody hotlinked images these days. What a novelty! I could of course block you from .htaccess, but thought I’d do things the friendly way first.
    Oh, and kudos for the draconian procedure required to log in to post a comment. Fortunately, I got through it with a dodgeit email, and this login can now be donated to bugmenot.

  2. Hi there,
    The image is served off this host. I made the image clickable to link to your page to give you due credit. It doesn’t use your server to host the file.

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