Psychiatry on the move

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is now releasing ‘continuing professional development’ podcasts, which sound dull, but are actually fascinating discussions of new and developing issues in psychology and psychiatry.

CPD is a requirment for clinicians to make sure they keep training throughout their careers. It is designed to update them up with the latest developments in their field.

The CPD podcasts take the form of extended interviews with people who are also interviewed for the British Journal of Psychiatry podcasts we featured previously.

In the CPD podcasts, however, the discussion focuses on related psychological or neuroscientific theories and the how they can be apply to clinical situations.

With the additional material on the site, British psychiatrists can then take an accredited test to demonstrate their learning.

Despite being aimed at qualified psychiatrists, the discussions are remarkably accessible.

Recent programmes have tackled the neuropsychology of empathy, whether trials for psychiatric drugs are truly objective, and making judgements of someone’s future risk for violence.

Link to psychiatry CPD podcasts.

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