Freudian slips and slippers

freudian_slip.jpgFashion designer Spicy Marigold has created this alluring ‘Freudian Slip‘ for the beautiful Cassandra in your life.

This is a silk slip layered with a purposely weathered image of Freud holding (of course) a cigar. Wearable for out and about under (or over!) layers, it’d also be nice for sleep, lounging about on the (analytical) couch. Floaty and very soft.

And if that’s not your thing, you could do far worse than celebrating Freud’s 150th birthday by putting your feet up in a pair of Freudian Slippers.

Both items are available to order over the internet.

Link to Spicy Marigold’s Freudian Slip (via BB).
Link to Freudian Slippers.

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