The neuroscience of early childhood

tree_bg_baby.jpgOne I missed the other week – a fantastic edition of the Australian All in the Mind on Early Childhood and the Developing Brain.

Child neuropsychology is now becoming an increasingly important area as the once neglected field is seen as increasingly important both to understand children themselves, and how adult abilities and disorders develop.

This edition of All in the Mind looks at how neuroscientists are uncovering the neurobiological changes that take place during parental care, and how the brain can be markedly altered by abuse or neglect during the early years.

The programme takes a particularly in-depth look at research on children who were largely abandoned in Romanian orphanages during the communist era and had virtually no human contact for the first four years of their life.

Both their social and cognitive development was markedly impaired, suggested that love and attention is needed both for healthy emotional and intellectual development.

Link to transcript and audio of ‘Early Childhood and the Developing Brain’.

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