Is George Bush a secret neuroscientist?

BushBrain.jpgAlthough the president of the USA is frequently villified for being a bit dim, I recently found a paper on “Dorsal anterior cingulate cortex: A role in reward-based decision making” authored by George Bush and colleagues.

The paper claims that George Bush, the first author, is a researcher from Harvard Medical School, rather than the Oval Office.

You never see them both in the same place together, so it’s possible that they are the same person, although I suspect it’s actually George W’s dad putting his retirement to good use.

Maybe he’s curious about what drives his son’s own decision making style?

One thought on “Is George Bush a secret neuroscientist?”

  1. the reward-based functionality of the cingulate cortex is very suseptable to the effects of hormonal serotonin levels (ie, the reward). In the case of the Dubya Bush, the serotonin stimulated by the consumption of alcoholic drinks provide a major reward-based functionality which can seriously screw with the the brain’s natural serotonin turnover (ie, when there is no alchohol to act as a reward.) In the link below is a paper which says “dysfunctions in serotonin turnover are […] well-established factors associated with impulsive and sociopathic behaviors.”
    Dubya’s freaky forign policy may indeed be linked directly to a major alcoholic addiction(!) If one takes the time to read between the lines during Dubya’s speaches about his military policies in Iraq, one can easily find the classic stages of alcholism as stated by the A.A. program – step 1, “Denial” being our present stage.
    read the more here:
    “Serotonin Transporter Distribution and Density in the Cerebral Cortex of Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Comparison Subjects:”

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