2005-12-16 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:


British and American smiles may be different, claims book author (thanks David!).

Cognitive Daily on the neglected area of self-discipline and its importance in acheivement.

Author Jay Ingram on the evidence that subliminal ads influence behaviour.

URB597, an antidepressant drug in development, increases brain levels of chemicals found in cannabis.

The Huge Entity discusess ‘Sex, emotion and the female amygdala‘.

Face to Face: The Science of Reading Faces: Transcript and video of an interview with psychologist Paul Ekman.

NASA works with Kim Peek, inspiration for movie Rain Main to better understand Peek’s remarkable talents.

Monitoring real-time activation of pain centres in a brain-scanner can help control pain.

The State has an account of a woman who developed ‘foreign accent syndrome‘ after a stroke.

One thought on “2005-12-16 Spike activity”

  1. Got to show this to Disa – she’s in Berkeley currently with Dacher Keltner (link 1), will be meeting again with Paul Ekman (link 6), to discuss emotion and the amygdala (link 5)!

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