Slumber therapy

A delightful moment from a New York Magazine article where a guy who had four psychoanalysts in a row fall asleep on him goes back to each to find out why:

I ask him about falling asleep, and he says, cheerfully, “I have no memory of that whatsoever.” This is surprising, considering he passed out cold, I exited quietly, and we later spoke about it intensively. “What did I say?” he asks. That I had been locking him out with emotionally evasive speech. “What did you say?” he asks. That that was a bullshit answer. He pauses. He smiles. “Good for you.”

The piece is a little heavy on therapy talk but has some great observations of psychoanalytic culture. Oh, and the ending is wonderful.

Link to New York Magazine ‘The Sleeping Cure’.

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  1. cavall de quer
    Posted March 27, 2011 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    I just can’t believe that anyone is still paying out good money for this mumbo-jumbo: when are we going to see a class action?

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