Sonar Voices

Graham March was a drum n’ bass producer who created cutting edge tracks in a teched-up fast-paced version of breakbeat known as neurofunk. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and sadly took his own life in 2006, but a friend has created a wonderful tribute site that has all of his tunes online.

Often releasing tracks under the moniker Desimal, March was featured on numerous underground labels, but the website has all of his tunes online and freely downloadable, and there is some classic material there.

If you’re not into drum n’ bass you may find it difficult to get a handle on his work, but I was struck by this description of March’s experience of schizophrenia:

I always tried to get Graham to explain to me what it was like inside his head. This is what he told me: “It’s like, 200 hundred channels of Television all on at once and you can’t turn them off, nothing but unwanted noise and thoughts.”

It struck me because March’s sound is like the noise of 200 hundred channel of television focused and filtered into a rich layered stream of precision dance music.

Some of it is pretty dark, as much of the neurofunk genre is, but if you want a track with a more uplifting feel, I have been listening to ‘Neo Indignation’ (mp3) non-stop all morning.

Link to Graham March Tribute Site (thanks Ben!)
Link to mp3 downloads of all his tracks.

7 thoughts on “Sonar Voices”

  1. Wow, surprised to see this here. I still remember some of his (quite awesome) tracks. He died in 2006? Guff.

  2. He was a good friend of mine. I used to have to grab him on the dancefloor when he was playing live sets because he used to love dancing to his music as much as he loved creating it. It was amazing to watch him work. We were so sad to have lost him.

    Thank you for posting about him, he should never be forgotten.

  3. Wow nice post.
    Desimal was awesome. I still listen to his musics nowadays as i think he a really unique style.

    Another electronic composer is Benn Lee Jordan ”The Flashbulb”
    who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

    there are rumours that Richard D. James ”Aphex Twin” is a Synesthetic…

    lot of electronical composers with unconventional brains i guess 😉

  4. Thanks for posting this, sent the link to the site for a friend of mine who was diagnozed with schizophrenia a couple of years back. He’s just taken up music production so hopefully this will be an inspiration for him

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