No more Type I/II error confusion

Type I and Type II errors are, respectively, when you allow a statistical test to convinces you of a false effect, and when you allow a statistical test to convince you to dismiss a true effect. Despite being fundamentally important concepts, they are terribly named. Who can ever remember which way around the two errors go? Well now I can, thanks to a comment from a friend I thought so useful I made it into a picture:


7 thoughts on “No more Type I/II error confusion”

  1. How effective is this mnemonic? Well, before, I didn’t even know what “Type 1& 2 errors” ARE!….
    NOW, not only do I know what they are, I can easily tell them apart! *THIS* is what the internet is SUPPOSED to be about!….
    Oh, yeah, and “Vive la FRANCE”!….
    (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr.

  2. Excellent – I often feel that these arbitrary labels are just shibboleths to separate the true believers from the unwashed masses.

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