Another angle on the Human Brain Project

An important interview with the neuroscience laboratory manager from the Human Brain Project revealing some previously unknown details about the running of this important scientific endeavour.

via @jpeelle

4 thoughts on “Another angle on the Human Brain Project”

  1. That was *WEIRD*…. I don’t habla Espanol, but the sub-titles speak for themselves. Sorta….
    The toothless guy is a *lab*manager*? WTF? Anyway, at 1 Billion Euros, to study 100 Billion neurons, that’s 1/100 Euro per neuron. That’s a *BARGAIN*!

  2. By now there have been so many resubtitled video jokes, that there are even resubtitled video jokes that are about resubtitled video jokes.

    The one in the post is a bit long, but the point that simulating the whole human brain is a joke is, of course, completely spot on. The last I checked, we can’t even simulate C. Elegans. Ah, but it seems we’re getting closer.

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