The scan says we add fries and call it a special

Photo from Flickr user Daniel Go. Click for source.Marketing magazine has an interview with the marketing director of KFC who explains why he thinks neuroscience holds the key to selling deep-fried junk food.

“Marketing as a whole is undergoing transformation,” he says. “We now know through neuroscience how people’s brains work and what affects their decision-making. So what we’re trying to do is take the new knowledge and say – this is how we put it together, this is how a brain actually works – and this is how we should be marketing.”

Somebody, please, find me a pizza.

Link to Marketing interview.

4 thoughts on “The scan says we add fries and call it a special”

  1. I am fascinated to hear that the KFC marketeers now know how people’s brains work. When are they going to share this knowledge with the scientific community?

  2. Its Christmas spot tells the tale of a selfish boy who finally learns to share with his family thanks to a bucket of KFC chicken

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they put this much time and thought into the actual food?

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