A thought lab in the sun

Neuroscientist Karl Friston, being an absolute champ, in an interview in The Lancet Psychiatry

β€œI get up very late, I go and smoke my pipe in the conservatory, hopefully in the sunshine with a nice cup of coffee, and have thoughts until I can raise the energy to have a bath. I don’t normally get to work until mid day.”

I have to say, I have a very similar approach which is getting up very early, drinking Red Bull, not having any thoughts, and raising the energy to catch a bus to an inpatient ward.

The man clearly doesn’t know the good life when he sees it.

The Lancet Psychiatry is one of the new speciality journals from the big names in medical publishing.

It seems to be publishing material from the correspondence and ‘insight’ sections (essays and the like) without a paywall, so there’s often plenty for the general reader to catch up on. It also has a podcast which is aimed at mental health professionals.

Link to interview with Karl Friston.

2 thoughts on “A thought lab in the sun”

  1. ha ha very funny (at least I think you’re being ironic?). Like you I get up early minus the red bull. A shot on the internet, some tweeting, blogging and acerbic comments does the same as fizzy juice for me.

    I wouldn’t have thought pipe smoking was a healthy option but maybe as a neuroscientist he can get his neurons rewired if necessary. Not sure though if it will do much if cancer strikes.

  2. Yo tomo yerba mate πŸ™‚

    Does the taurine and glucoronolactone in Red Bull make any difference to any other caffeinated drink like coffee?

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