Indie reports on surprising structure of artists’ brains

Artists brains are ‘structurally different’ according to The Independent, who report on a small, thought-provoking but as yet quite preliminary study.

The image used to illustrate the article (the one on the right) is described as showing “more grey and white matter in artists’ brains connected to visual imagination and fine motor control”.

This could be a bit alarming, especially if you are an artist, because that’s actually a map of a mouse brain.

Whether artists have ‘different brains’ or not, in any meaningful sense, is perhaps slightly beside the point, but you can be rest assured that they’re not so different that they will give you a sudden desire to scamper around looking for cheese.

6 thoughts on “Indie reports on surprising structure of artists’ brains”

  1. Nice one!

    The rest of us wouldn’t likely know the difference except for psychiatrists searching for biomarkers for mental illness where mice are equated with humans, in terms of reaction to stress and existential concerns, leading to schizophrenia.

    It’s all in the mind, or in the brain if you’re a neuroscientific psychiatrist of a certain persuasion. As for me I don’t believe a word of it and consequently survived mental illness and psychiatric treatment.

  2. With the new research we can stop the cliché that creative people use the right side of their brain.
    It was found that the grey matter increased in both structural sides of the brain.
    Grey matter is not a fixed, born-with quality and it can be increased in response to training and experties.
    A lot of research has been done on meditation increasing the grey matter of the brain. People say that art is a form of meditation- is there a link?

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