2014-01-17 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Wired magazine has an excellent profile of artificial intelligence bossman Geoff Hinton.

Is it time we stopped ‘sectioning‘ people? Thought-provoking piece on the excellent Psychiatry SHO blog.

The New York Times has an insightful piece on what the ‘marshmallow study’ really tells us about self-control.

Tough love for fMRI. Interesting piece on fixing the problems with fMRI research on the Neurochambers blog.

Nature discusses why ‘irrational’ choices can be rational. Are you reading moustache haters?

Caffeine’s little memory jolt garners a lot of excitement. A fascinating discussion on caffeine and memory boosts from Scicurious newly located blog.

Science News reports on how the brain weighs more when you think harder due to increase blood flow.

An artist made a life-sized skull made of compressed cocaine and it got posted to BoingBoing. Can’t wait for the Viagra sculpture.

Live Science reports on a new study finding that people can register an image in 13 milliseconds.

Cannabis and memory loss: dude, where’s my CBD? Interesting The Guardian piece argues that legalisation may have a knock on effect of making cannabis with higher levels of beneficial CBD more widely available.

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