Put your hands up and move away from the therapy

An editorial in Molecular Psychiatry has been titled “Launching the War on Mental Illness” – which, considering the effects of war on mental health, must surely win a prize for the most inappropriate metaphor in psychiatry.

But it also contains a curious Freudian slip. Five times in the article, the project is described as the ‘War on Mental Health’, which is another thing entirely.

…how can we then proceed to successfully launch a ‘War on Mental Health’? Our vision for that is summarized in Figure 3 and Table 1.

Sadly, Figure 3 and Table 1 don’t contain a description of a world with continuous traffic jams, rude waiters and teenagers constantly playing R&B through their mobile phone speakers.

Link to Launching the ‘War on Mental Illness’ (thanks @1boringyoungman)

4 thoughts on “Put your hands up and move away from the therapy”

  1. “…traffic jams, rude waiters and teenagers constantly playing R&B through their mobile phone speakers…”

    Is that a joke?!

    How about a world with the trauma of drone attacks, wars, poverty, ethnic cleansing, oppression and dispossession, domestic violence, and perhaps worst of all, horrendous child abuse and exploitation, which propagates that and other traumas across generations.

    Comorbidity studies show that depression, a major concern of that editorial, is actually trauma in disguise in at least 25% of cases, and it is quite likely more. Adding that to PTSD itself in its many forms and levels, trauma and its effects is likely the #1 mental health issue today.

    So, it’s a lot more than the annoyance of rude waiters and traffic jams. In fact, how many of the world’s truly oppressed have ever even been waited on in a restaurant?

  2. They mean, I believe, that would like more attention on research and a quicker way to the real world…that’s all…nothing new
    And if not now, when?

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