2013-11-23 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Prosthetics to replace amputated hands can fall into the uncanny valley reports Science News.

The New York Times covers the nascent science of female aggression.

Can gambling machines prevent addiction? asks Scientific American Mind. Answer: of course. Will they? No.

NPR has an excellent piece by neuroscientist Tania Lombroso on whether pictures of brain scans have persuasive power. Only sometimes, it turns out.

The Dream Catcher. Matter has an in-depth piece about sadly over-hippied but genuinely fascinating subject of lucid dreaming.

io9 covers the psychology experiment that led to the phrase “thinking outside the box”.

Brain scans teach us nothing of morality says philosopher of mind Thomas Nagel in a street-fighting review of Joshua Greene’ new book.

NPR reports that your chance is being murdered is heavily to who you have in your social network.

Neuroscientist Kate Mills sets out a programme for understanding the interaction between networked culture and the adolescent brain in a talk from the Serpentine Gallery.

4 thoughts on “2013-11-23 Spike activity”

  1. I’ve always associated “Thinking outside the box” with the nine dot puzzle, whose solution (unlike the experiment mentioned in the article) actually involves thinking outside the box. Wikipedia seems to agree with me.

  2. That review by Nagel seemed very reasonable to me. I don’t think the “brain scans teach us nothing of morality” subtitle fits the content.

  3. I was hoping a “street-fighting review” involved at least one straight-up “he’s wrong”, but I glazed over after the first five paragraphs of restating the argument of the book. I agree with quidnunc that brain scans don’t seem to have anything to do with the actual content, but that could have been forgiven if it was well-written.

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