A ray directly from “Delhi University”

A series of ‘bizarre delusions’ from patients diagnosed with schizophrenia described in a new paper just published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine:

“Some rays are there in me, which create magnetic field and I have the power to affect TV signals. Body is producing charge; whenever I touch anything I get electric current. Some heavenly body comes and makes me powerful and communicates with me.”

“My hands are changed into cat’s paws.”

“I have some special power, if I call the Sun then it will come to me, whenever I look at the Sun, it smiles back at me.”

“My rib-cage is left behind in the bathroom; while I was bathing it got washed away.”

“The heart is moving round the clock in different areas of the trunk.”

“A ray directly from “Delhi University (DU)” used to teach me the engineering course.”

Delusions are one of the central symptoms of psychosis and despite the fact that they can be both distressing and disabling, are often quite amazing in their complexity and content.

Link to article from Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine.

3 thoughts on “A ray directly from “Delhi University””

  1. “whenever I touch anything I get electric current”
    That is not so unusual; happens to me also, depending on what shoes I wear.

  2. Ugh. I used to find this stuff “fascinating” but the more I know about science the more disturbing I find these cases. A biological function gone horribly wrong. It’s fun if you’re an artist dreaming up this stuff. If you’re mentally ill, I can’t imagine enjoying this kind of life in any appreciable way.

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