Mind and brain podcast radio rush

Several new mind and brain radio series have just started in the last few weeks and all can be listened to online.

The two ‘All in the Minds’ have just started a new series.

BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind has just started a new series with the first programme including end-of-the-world hopefuls and psychologist and journalist Christian Jarrett.

ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind new series has also just begun – kicking off with a programme on the social brain.

BBC Radio 4’s brilliant online sociology series The Digital Human started a new series a few weeks ago.

The latest Nature NeuroPod just hit the wires a few days ago.

The Neuroscientists Talk Shop podcast is technical but ace and has a big back catalogue.

Any mind and brain podcasts you’re into at the moment? Add them in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Mind and brain podcast radio rush”

  1. Great podcasts! I don’t pretend I’m in the same league, but I’ll share my podcast because I think it appeals to a similar crowd.

    PsychTalk is a series of talk interviews, stories and explainers focused on mind/brain themes. Take a look!


  2. Cool, I will get some of these podcasts downloaded onto my iPhone. All in the mind is especially good.

  3. Hi Guys, Salma here from Neuroscientists Talk Shop. Thanks for the nice words. We are a niche podcast- we were really just doing it for ourselves and others in the field like us. We weren’t sure that many were listening; nice to hear many are.
    Just curious, how did you guys hear about us?
    Thanks for spreading the word.

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