2013-05-03 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

I can’t recognise my own face! In my case, it’s because the Botox has worn off but for person described in the New Scientist article it’s because of prosopagnosia.

The Guardian reports that the UK Government’s ‘Nudge Unit’ is set to become a commercial service. Nudge mercenaries!

A greater use of “I” and “me” as a mark of interpersonal distress. An interesting study covered by the BPS Research Digest.

Pacific Standard has an interesting piece about gun registers, felons and interrupting the contagion of gun violence.

Brain Voodoo Goes Electric. The mighty Neuroskeptic on how a previously common flaw in fMRI brain imaging research may also apply to EEG and MEG ‘brain wave’ studies.

A Médecins Sans Frontières psychologist writes about her work with in the Syrian armed conflict.

The latest social priming evidence and replication story at Nature causes all sorts of academic acrimony. The fun’s in the comments section.

Slate asks Is Psychiatry Dishonest? And if so, is it a noble lie?

With all the ‘everyone will be traumatised and needs to see a psychologist’ nonsense to hit the media after the Boston bombing, this interview with Boston psychiatry prof Terence Keane gets it perfectly. Recommended.

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