Feeling sheepish

Quite possibly the strangest news story I have ever come across. It starts out strange, gets stranger and then finishes on a trumpeting pageant of strangeness. From GhanaWeb:

“People who practice bestiality threaten society”-psychologist

A psychologist at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Rev. Ekow Jackson says people who have sex with animals are potential threats to society.

He says such people have confidence problems and most times fear that their sexual advances towards humans may be turned down; a situation they cannot bear.

Such people may instead use force on the object of their sexual pleasure whether it’s a woman, a baby or an animal.

Rev. Jackson says these people should not just be ostracized or incarcerated but should be given serious psychological or psychiatric attention. He adds that some of the culprits of bestiality may have had troubled childhoods or some unresolved issues from their past.

The psychologist, who is also a minister of the Assemblies of God Church, was speaking in an interview with this reporter after a 35 year-old man, Kofi Agyeman was asked to marry a sheep he allegedly had sexual intercourse with at Wamaso in the Lower Denkyira District of the Central region.

How would we make sense of it all if there weren’t psychologists like Rev. Ekow Jackson to help us out?

Link to sheep news story.

6 thoughts on “Feeling sheepish”

  1. GhanaWeb has all sorts of routine weirdness. Just look at the headlines. I can’t tell if it is their local equivalent of the Onion or if that passes as quality and interesting journalism in that region.

    Oh, and it looks like the link at the top of your post has an extra digit in it.

  2. What’s so funny about people who “use force on the object of their sexual pleasure whether it’s a woman, a baby (…)” ? Or about a minister of the Assemblies of God Church who argues that such acts should not be treated as criminal?

  3. this is a one hell of a piece i mean i have seen people across Europe who have such sort of feelings and desperate intentions towards animals and children s

  4. Denmark is apparently the Mecca of bestiality fans: these are practices with murky legal and moral strictures: there was a good Anthrozöos piece on the subject a few years ago.

  5. Umm arn’t people who want to have sex with animals abit deranged? Damaging to society I don’t really think so but I wouldn’t want to vote one in.

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