A guided tour of bad neuroscience

Oxford neuropsychologist Dorothy Bishop has given a fantastic video lecture about how neuroscience can be misinterpreted and how it can be misleading.

If you check out nothing else, do read the summary on the Neurobonkers blog, which highlights Bishop’s four main criticisms of how neuroscience is misused.

But if you have the time, sit back and see the lecture in full.

The key is that these are not slip-ups only restricted to the popular press and self-help books – they are exactly the sort of poor reasoning about neuroscience that affects many scientists as well.

Essentially, if you get the Bishop’s four main points of how ‘neurosciency stuff leads to a loss of critical faculties’, you’re on fine form to separate the wheat from the chaff in the world of cognitive neuroscience.

Excellent stuff.

Link to coverage on the Neurobonkers blog.
Link to streamed video of the lecture.

2 thoughts on “A guided tour of bad neuroscience”

  1. I’d love to watch the lecture but the link does not seem to work anymore. Any chance there is another way to watch it? I’ve searched the whole web for the video but couldn’t find it anywhere.

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