The football cure / addiction

A psychologist from the University of Alabama says American football can absolutely heal the trauma that the deadly April tornados left behind but be careful because there is a risk you could suffer from football addiction.

Clearly true because he says so in a priceless TV interview and the university backed it up in a hard hitting press release.

Media science – saving YOU from deadly sports addictions.

5 thoughts on “The football cure / addiction”

    1. I should add, for the record and for context, that I have a far number of relatives in AL, mostly in Tuscaloosa and B’ham. Thankfully, none of them had more than minor damage, but one uncle in particular was very involved with clean-up, recovery, etc. in Tuscaloosa and blogged about it. Football does seem to help many people, after basic needs are met, by fostering a sense of normalcy, community, etc. “Obsession” would be a better word than “addiction” for the problem described, but “addiction” catches more attention, and the problem is real.

  1. Who is this Klapow guy? This unproven nonsense he’s putting forth would be amusing except that people (in our region as well) really are traumatized by recent storms and now he’s using that to promote football? Where are the studies to back up what he’s saying?

  2. And p.s. those of us here who are suffering really could use some hints on how to get over the trauma (aside from the tired old “get therapy” or “go out in a storm and get used to it”).

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