Five ways to boost your intelligence – now!

1. Talk to lots of high falutin’ people
2. Perfect a knowing smile
3. Name drop obscure Russian authors
4. Grow a beard and wear with matching tweed jacket or floral print dress
5. Make disdainful comments about popular entertainment

8 thoughts on “Five ways to boost your intelligence – now!”

  1. Well… this is a step away from the usual. Good to know that Penis enlargement pills make you smarter – I guess the increase in blood pressure must have a stimulating effect on the brain.

  2. Vladimir Obruchev! :)* Also, Stephenie Meyer is a talentless hack and those reality shows on MTV suck!

    *in case you couldn’t tell: that was a KNOWING smile.

  3. ‎1- Falutin’ people may not be ‘Falutin’ at all. They may just be saying things you don’t understand. 2- They might really know! 3- There is a lot of VERY good Russian authors not known in english speaking countries for obvious reasons. 4- U can dress whatever u want as long as u respect the other rules. 5- Is there any other way to address to popular entertainment?

  4. Let’s see… guilty, guilty, not guilty (Dostoevsky isn’t obscure.), not guilty (I hate flashy clothes.), I DON’T HAVE A PENIS TO ENLARGE, and… yeah, okay, totally guilty.

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