A symphony of synapses

Those autotune-friendly science remix chaps Symphony of Science have just released a new track called ‘Ode to the Brain!’ about our favourite piece of pinkish grey sludge.

As well as being a decent track, it is also a piece of useful recycling as it incorporates several of the dodgiest bits of popular neuroscience into a nicely mixed video.

Jill Bolte Taylor’s over-the-top spiritual brain talk for TED, Carl Sagan explaining the not very helpful idea of the reptile brain, Oliver Sack’s rare dodgy moment for TED, Bill Nye the Science Guy explaining how the brain is like a newspaper, and virtually anything said about the brain by Robert Winston.

However, it does include excerpts of a TED talk by V.S. Ramachandran, which unlike his other one about mirror neurons shaping civilization, is actually bloody brilliant.

I await the dub remix with some old skool Wilder Penfield footage to give it a retro vibe.

Link to Symphony of Science ‘Ode to the Brain!’

2 thoughts on “A symphony of synapses”

  1. I didn’t find Taylor’s talk over-the-top — but then it fitted in with a lot of the meditative literature. Sounded like a fairly enthused but standard presentation of that kind of experience.

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