A consciousness raising exercise

I’ve just discovered the fantastic Conscious Entities blog that is full of wonderfully insightful discussions about the science and philosophy of consciousness.

As well as covering established theories it also tackles new ideas and controversies as they appear, with the fantastic coverage of philosopher Peter Hacker’s criticisms of just about everything in neuroscience and the subsequent backlash being a case in point.

Despite dealing with heavyweight issues, it’s also quite playful and I loved this explanation in the About page:

One possible source of confusion is that some of the discussions here are presented as dialogues between two different characters. One of these, whom I think of as ‘Blandula’, after the Emperor Hadrian’s verse addressed to his own soul, is represented by a sort of cherub, and is suspicious of reductive and materialist ideas: the other, (‘Bitbucket’, represented by an abacus) takes the opposite view. I hope this helps both sides to benefit from vigorous advocacy, but the two characters are merely figments of my imagination and I cannot supply email addresses for either of them.

Fun, smart, informative and, as far as I can make out, illustrated by the author.

Link to Conscious Entities (via @AlexKaula).

2 thoughts on “A consciousness raising exercise”

  1. Ha that website censored my comment about how qigong proves the mind is directly connected to the body.

    Typical science-types only seeing what they already believe.

    You’d think a peer-reviewed, randomized controlled study by the Mayo Clinic in a published journal would pass the science censors.

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