Just say 0 to digital drugs

Photo by Flickr user hlkljgk. Click for sourceThe digital drugs hilarity just keeps on giving. Back in 2008 we discussed an unintentionally hilarious USA Today article on the ‘dangers of digital drugs’ which I thought would never be toppped.

I was wrong. Oklahoma City’s News9 channel produced a bulletin of such sheer alternative-dimension pant-wetting hilarity you couldn’t have written anything funnier if you tried.

If the incredulous reporters, concerned parents and freaked-out students don’t split your sides, top marks to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics for earnestly warning us about the dangers.

Wired rounds-up some of the other pointless hand-wringing but they missed a minor gem where yesterday, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered invited a naturopath on-air to discuss whether digital drugs really could emulate the effects of ‘cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and Viagra’.

Link to News9 comedy gold.
Link to previous Mind Hacks on ‘digital drugs’.

2 thoughts on “Just say 0 to digital drugs”

  1. at 2’08, the cell phone clock on the image reads “4:20 PM”; video editors were high on something other than binaural drugs when they put this together, probably laughing their asses off at everyone else involved.

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