A brief glance in Jacques Lacan’s mirror

I’ve just found a very funny YouTube video that attempts to explain everything you need to know about French psychoanalyst and philosopher Jacques Lacan in one minute. It’s not entirely safe for work, which is part of its charm.

Clearly, it’s not intended to be taken too seriously, which I first suspected when it introduced Lacan’s ideas as “like Freud on high grade cocaine mixed with hallucinogens – and we mean that in the most admiring sense”.

The creator of the Lacan video, writer Mark Fullmer, has also just posted another – this time a rap about ‘philosophies of psychoanalyst and theorist Julia Kristeva‘.

In true hip hop style, it also waxes lyrical about how hot she is.

Link to ‘Jacques Lacan in 1 Minute’.
Link to the ‘Hot Kristeva Rap’.

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