Concerned from Tunbridge Wells

The Guardian has been running a fun evolutionary psychology agony aunt column that’s been tackling questions such as ‘why do I fancy blonde women?’, ‘why do nice girls fall for bad boys?’ and ‘what can I do to stop my best friend marrying this idiot?’.

Despite it’s potential, evolutionary psychology has a tendancy to be a bit over-enthusiastic at times but the column just discusses the published studies in relation to the readers’ questions and turns out to be a concise guide to some of the field’s thinking on the area.

Clearly it’s not meant to be taken too seriously as an advice column but any agony aunt that gives references for her evolutionary advice is alright by me.

Link to Guardian’s ‘Ask Carole’ column (via @researchdigest)

One thought on “Concerned from Tunbridge Wells”

  1. I just love the attacks on evo psych. It’s like a reactionary strike against free inquiry. There’s quacks and screw-ups in every field of study, and it’s a brand new science basically! What did you expect? It’s the most important field right now.

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