Take cover

The cover of the May edition of the neurology journal Brain is really quite lovely.

Each of the circles is an individual EEG brain map of people with movement problems associated with Fragile X syndrome. The signals are evoked in response to word repetition and each activity map has been drawn from a study published in the same edition.

Don’t be fooled be the fact that the circles make up a brain-like shape as a whole, they don’t represent individual points on a single brain, each of the maps has just been arranged in this way for artistic purposes.

The description rather charmingly says “The maps are rearranged into a familiar shape!” The clue is in the title I presume.

Often when I mention the journal to non-neuroscientists they chuckle as the name seems funny. I’m long past the point where it seems at all abnormal but, presumably, if I saw a plumbing magazine called ‘Pipe’ or a fishing magazine called ‘Rod’ I would find them equally amusing.

Link to cover info for May’s edition of Brain.

One thought on “Take cover”

  1. “Pipe” or “Rod” would actually be more amusing due to the double entendres. In an airport I recently flipped through a boating magazine called “Motorboating.” 🙂

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