Breezy people

The Times has an interview with neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, largely to do with the recent political tussles in UK science, but where she uses the opportunity to comment on how computer games are ‘as much of a risk to mankind as climate change’. But wait, the best is yet to come – this part is as beautiful as it is baffling:

She is concerned that those who live only in the present, online, don’t allow their malleable brains to develop properly. “It’s not going to destroy the planet but is it going to be a planet worth living in if you have a load of breezy people who go around saying yaka-wow. Is that the society we want?”

It certainly is not, and I for one would staunchly defend society against such a malign influence.

To be fair, this is probably a transcription error as Greenfield often talks about digital technology being full of “yuk and wow“, but the delightful phrase has triggered something of a fan club (nothing to do with me I might add) and there is now a hashtag, a Twitter stream, a poster and even a T-shirt.

Although I’ve disagreed with the Baroness on many occasions, it seems she hit the nail on the head with this particular prediction, as it seems that there are now a load of breezy people who go around saying yaka-wow.

UPDATE: This is pure genius.

Link to Greenfield interview in The Times.

One thought on “Breezy people”

  1. Hey Vaughan,
    I think the causal association between ADHD type symptoms and computer game use might be the other way around – in that ADHD kids might be especially easily addicted to computer games as they are highly stimulating, which might help to overcome the boredom that ADD/ADHD people often feel. If you then encountered some children with ADHD who were playing computer games excessively, you might easily conclude that the games were causing the ADHD and not the ADHD causing the game playing.
    This article calls it an association, and is very careful about concluding cause, like Lady Greenfield.

    Click to access 1744-859x-5-16.pdf

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