Go Cognitive guide to the brain

Go Cognitive is an awesome free video archive of interviews and discussion that aims to explain some of the core topics in cognitive neuroscience.

It’s a project of the University of Idaho who’ve managed to convince some of the leaders in the science of the brain to talk about their work.

There are videos on fMRI, neuroplasticity, attention and neurological problems to name but a few, and there’s even a talk on psychology and stage magic.

The website also has a demo section that demonstrates some of the principles in action.

My only complaint is that you can’t download the videos, they can only be streamed, but nevertheless they remain a fantastically produced high quality series. Bravo.

Link to Go Cognitive videos (thanks Peter!).

3 thoughts on “Go Cognitive guide to the brain”

  1. Actually, you can download the videos: right click over the flash, then “watch this on vimeo”. This opens the video page in Vimeo, you can download directly the video there once you are logged in (sign up is free).

  2. Hi – thanks for the kind words about goCognitive. We designed the site so that videos could be downloaded in the original HD format (for most of them) and since we don’t have enough bandwidth through our servers we are hosting the videos through Vimeo. You can easily download the videos through them without having to go through a flash video downloader.
    Steffen Werner – U of Idaho

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