Slaves of the Crystal Brain

A fantastic cover from a May 1950 issue of Amazing Stories where a man has some sort of futuristic power station inside his head.

Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about the story so who knows what the intriguing title refers to.

However, I’ve linked to a larger version of the cover if you want to see it in all it’s glory.

Link to ‘Slaves of the Crystal Brain’ cover.

2 thoughts on “Slaves of the Crystal Brain”

  1. his real name and all pseudonyms from
    Graham, Roger Phillips (1909-1965)
    [Clinton Ames, Robert Arnette, Franklin Bahl, Alexander Blade, Craig Browning, Gregg Conrad, P.F. Costello, Charles Lee, Charles Mann, Inez McGowan, Rog Phillips, Melva Rogers, Chester Ruppert, William Carter Sawtelle, A.R. Steber, Gerald Vance, John H. Wiley, Peter Worth]
    Graham, Tom
    for more information it will require purchase of the magazine or an anthology with his work published inside.

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