Love amid chaos

Swansea Love Story is a gritty, tragic and surprisingly funny documentary about heroin users in a struggling South Wales town.

It follows a number of addicts as they score, skip meetings with drugs counsellors, philosophise about their predicament and go about their chaotic daily lives.

The piece is, in parts, desolate, particularly as we hear about the lives of those now relying on heroin, but there are also some outrageously funny moments as the protagonists relate their intense experiences with a combination of unintentional irony and casual exaggeration.

The film is produced and directed by Andy Capper and Leo Leigh, the latter apparently being the son of famous British director Mike Leigh and although it has only recently been released, the video is available in full on

It makes an interesting comparison to the 1999 documentary Black Tar Heroin, that follows several users in Southern California, although is no less downbeat in its conclusions.

Link to documentary on (via Addiction Inbox).

One thought on “Love amid chaos”

  1. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for sharing this… I grew up in a small mining village (Cwmgors), Swansea was the city that I gravitated to for fun and entertainment and it holds many happy memories.
    In light of this I was quite saddened to watch this documentary.

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