Quito bound

Image from Wikipedia. Click for sourceDue to the complexities of the Colombian visa system, I am off to the beautiful city of Quito, Ecuador, for a week to organise the paperwork. I’m not sure how internet access will work out, so apologies if updates are a little less frequent than usual.

If anyone knows any good mind and brain things to see while I’m there, do let me know.

Already on the list is Hospital San Lazaro, one of the oldest psychiatric hospitals in Latin America. It’s considered part of Ecuador’s national heritage but I can’t see to find anything written about it in English.

However, YouTube has a very good short film about its history if you’re a Spanish-speaker or just want to see some of the historical photos and architecture.

5 thoughts on “Quito bound”

  1. Hey!
    Long time reader, first time to comment.
    I happen to live in Quito. You won’t have much trouble finding internet, there are plenty of places that have free WiFi.
    On places to visit related to the brain and mind, I’m afraid I can’t help you out. Perhaps the Jacinto Jij√≥n y Caama√±o Museum at the Cat√≥lica University for some pretty old skulls dug out by JJC himself.
    In any case, I hope this helped. Enjoy the city, be safe and don’t think that because it’s sunny in the morning, it won’t rain in the afternoon 🙂

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