Brain wave furniture

The Neurocritic has found this wonderful designer sofa made around EEG or ‘brain wave’ data captured from artist Lucas Maassen, who also created the wonderful piece of furniture.

There’s more about the construction of the piece on a page on Maassen’s website, but it’s running a bit slow at the moment, so you may need to be a bit patient for it to load.

However, there’s more about the piece at The Neurocritic who also picks up on an update to the neuroscience of EEG alpha wave activity, stereotypically thought to reflect nothing more than a ‘state of relaxation’ in times past, but now known to be involved in a much wider rage of active brain processes.

Link to The Neurocritic on The Electroencephalographer’s Couch.
Link to Maassen’s Brain Wave Sofa page.

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