I’ll be outback: Aussies want intelligent killer robots

The Australian military is seeking a human race Judas to design intelligent and fully autonomous robots that will be able to “neutralise threats” for a prize pot of $1.6 million.

From BBC News:

The government wants to develop an “intelligent and fully autonomous system” capable of carrying out dangerous surveillance missions.

Senior officials in Canberra have said they hope that unarmed robotic vehicles will do some of the army’s “dirty work” in such hazardous theatres.

The ultimate plan is for groups of these sophisticated machines to be sent into battle to help neutralise the enemy.

That’s their ultimate plan you idiot, not ours.

Our ultimate plan is to take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Link to Aussie military’s International Challenge To Destroy Humanity.
Link to BBC News on the end times.

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