Brains ads, via telepathy

Brain Ads is a web business where you can pay for your product promotion to be telepathically sent to anyone, and indeed, everyone, on the planet. I’ve yet to work out whether the guy is joking or serious.

It has been a long journey to discover that people were reading my mind, and although I came to think this already 7 years ago, everyone denied it. I was even given drugs without my knowledge. It all came down to trusting myself and accepting what I was experiencing.

Slowly I have explored the repercussions that having this ability has had on my life. Consequently, I also began to understand how other people had been using my ablity for their own personal, financial and emotional purposes.

As I realized that TV shows were following my daily thoughts and stores began bringing products I had been wishing for, it finally dawned on me that they were not just teasing me, they were actually getting more viewers and selling more products!

Everyone seemed to be getting a share of the bounty except me!

It’ll cost you $2,000 USD to have your one page advert sent to the world telepathically. Actually, it’s pretty cheap for the advertising world and at least it’s better value for money than a neuromarketing company.

And if that’s not your sort of brain advert, Street Anatomy have a gallery of print adverts that have used some rather nifty brain images.

I recommend click on the images in the gallery, as full size, the pictures are even more impressive.

Link to Brain Ads web business.
Link to Street Anatomy brain adverts gallery (via @mocost).

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