Bullshit Blue Monday is here

Happy Bullshit Blue Monday! Yes, today is the day where everyone feels down and gloomy about the fact that we’re assaulted with lots of completely made up news stories masquerading as psychology and misinforming everyone about science.

Methods suggested for relieving the nonexistent tosh have included everything from petting a pig to knowing that Al-Qaeda’s terrorists are being struck down by the bubonic plague.

Useful mental health coverage = precisely zero.

And on to our competition, which has been won by Kathe, who emailed in the following:

For every thing there is a season, and someone hoping to make a buck.


What they hope the equation means:

T= thing
S= someone
H= hope
B= buck

What the equation really means:

T= Time spent making stupid equations
S= Amount of pseudoscience Spouted during the making of stupid equations
H= Hours of Help received from Googling ‘equations’
B= Amount of Bullshit produced

Kathe wins a £20 Kiva.org voucher, which I will send on shortly.

Although, we must say thanks to everyone for your entries, if you either added them as comments or mailed them. There are some great entries on our original competition page and an honourable mention must go to Camilo whose entry managed to not only include a New Order lyric but also used ‘disco units’.

You can see it as a pop-up if you want to experience it in all its glory.

2 thoughts on “Bullshit Blue Monday is here”

  1. Ironic that today is, for many of us in the USA, the most relaxing and optimistic day in quite a while. It’s a national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr, and the day before inaugurating our first black president. So we’re off work and celebrating less than 24 hours left in the Bush administration, and in a perfect position to reflect on how far we have come as a country. Even though over the last eight years it feels as if we have moved several hundred years backward. If this is the most depressed I will be all year, I may take over the world before 2010.
    Happy BM!

  2. Hi- Thanks for the vote!
    After looking at the other entries I was rather intimidated. Kiva.org looks like a wonderful site and I’m really looking forward to finding out more about it.
    Thanks again and I hope everyone is having a wonderful inauguration day!

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