Cajal on my shirt

For reasons that escape me, most student psychology and neuroscience t-shirts are pretty dreadful, but this one’s actually had some thought put into it and looks pretty cool.

It’s an antidote to the ‘neuroscientists do it on impulse’ or ‘yes I’m analyzing you’ shirts that seem to be the staple of university associations.

It’s from Canada’s Undergraduate Neuroscience Society and uses one of Ramon y Cajal’s drawings of neurons for the front design and a simple and unobtrusive UNS logo for the backprint.

Abstract enough to be hip and obscure enough to be in the know.

The photo is the male / unisex t-shirt but they also do a girlie T for those wanting a sexier fit.

Link to boys / unisex UNS t-shirt.
Link to girlie fit UNS t-shirt.

2 thoughts on “Cajal on my shirt”

  1. Hi, I found this blog by an accident and am happy about that :). It’s almost 3 months since I joined the world of Neuroscience and am doing my Masters in The Netherlands, I have BSc in Chemistry so at first it was not an easy decision to make… entering into a completely different area with no background of that seemed kind of scary but I really hope to become a successful student. I welcome any thing that can inspire me even more and I found here as an inspiring source… Thank you!

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