All together now

If there were prizes for sheer genius, this would get the top spot. Psychologist Alan Reifman teaches psychology and he also writes song lyrics. When he sees something psychological that particularly inspires him, he writes a song about it to the tune of a popular hit and posts it on his social psychology lyrics blog. The results are sheer joy.

In honor of a talk I attended at UCLA on May 15 by Jean Twenge, on changes in college students’ personality traits and attitudes over time, I’ve written the following song….

Dr. Jean Twenge
(May be sung to the tune of “Eleanor Rigby,” Lennon/McCartney)

Dr. Jean Twenge, spends her time looking at journals and computer screens,
What are the means?
Temporal contrasts, how are today’s youth different from three decades ago?
Are they high or low?

Look at all the samples,
That used the same measure,
The data are ample,
Historical treasure,

Starting with gender, she noted patterns in females’ masculine scores,
Found that they’ve soared,
So many more traits, so many statistics, reside on libraries’ shelves,
Into which she delves,

Look at all the samples,
That used the same measure,
The data are ample,
Historical treasure…

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

If you want the best in social psychology research distilled into the musical magic of the last century’s pop (and I know you do), you need look no further.

Link to SocialPsych Lyrics blog.

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