She Blinded Me with Science

It’s an age old story. Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy is psychoanalysed, psychologically tested, strapped into a brain machine and plays the girl like a giant cello before escaping on a motorbike and throwing the wheelchair-bound doctor into the river.

Yes, it’s the video for Thomas Dolby’s 1982 synth-pop hit She Blinded Me with Science, which presumably doesn’t refer to the psychoanalysis part.

The mad scientist featured in the video was actually real life British scientist Magnus Pyke, who was best known for educating the UK public about science during the 80s and 90s.

Thomas Dolby is an eccentric synth-pop pioneer who seemed to have a bit of a thing about beautiful Japanese women, psychology and barely comprehensible videos.

Link to She Blinded Me with Science video.

4 thoughts on “She Blinded Me with Science”

  1. Slow news day?
    On the other hand, I was in high school when that album and video came out. To this day it’s still one of my favorite albums. Overall, it is an excellent album; referring to it as synth-pop is an insult and fails to actually acknowledge the quality of the music. In fact, I don’t think any of Dolby’s work as a musician after that was as good. He ended finding his niche as a producer and has been highly acclaimed for his work.

  2. LOVED this song. It has turned up in snippets for a few podcasts that I know.
    These days, if one excludes the collection ‘Retrospectacle’ (that includes the first hit, ‘Hyperactive’, which you should also check out), I generally play the song ‘Quantum Mechanic’ on my ipod.
    I think this is well worth blogging. 🙂

  3. I’ll agree, “Hyperactive” was a great song, but again, apart from that, none of his other work after that really hit the same level as his first efforts.
    He has worked extensively with Peter Gabriel, who I consider to be a consummate musician and producer. I don’t remember for certain, but my understanding is that Dolby is the primary producer for Real World Studio’s Gabriel’s production company. And if someone like Gabriel has put him in charge of his own studios, that speaks volumes. Again, that’s my point; Dolby has found his niche as a producer, not an artist.

  4. I have not heard about this group, i beg compassion, but the video-clip is not filmed in the headquarters of The Royal Society in London near The Mall.
    By the way, when this last summer i decided to visit the facilities of The Royal Society it was not open to the public, something to change, i think.

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