Harmonious analgesia

You’re in the operating theatre, about to undergo a serious surgical procedure and the anaesthetic is starting to take effect. You can hear a beautiful acapella song that seems to be a remarkably geeky composition on anaesthesiology, but you’re not sure whether it’s the consciousness altering drugs that are causing strangely harmonious hallucinations or whether the doctors are really doing multi-part harmonies.

Actually, it turns out that a group of anaesthetists are really singing an acapella song dedicated to the practice of painkilling and they’ve been kind enough to upload their version to YouTube.

The medical group is called the Laryngospasms and their strangely melodic song is replete with classic lines like “Co2 is high, I think you’re going to die”.

And if that isn’t bizarre enough, I recommend another wonderful track called ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do’ with the line “patient’s going down, doobie doo down down”.

Unconsciousness never sounded so good.

Link to Laryngospasms song ‘Breathe’.
Link to Laryngospasms song ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do’.

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