PSYOP merchandise

I’ve just noticed that various US Military Psychological Operations (PSYOP) units have created their own online merchandise, so you can buy t-shirts, mugs and even teddy bears branded with unit insignia.

In fact, the teddy bear picture here seems to be emblazoned with the insignia of 346th PSYOP Airborne Company.

Perhaps the most impressive online store has been created by 5th PSYOP Battalion who have created their own custom products and images.

For those wanting something a bit more official looking, one online store has the patches for virtually every US PSYOP battalion.

In fact, CafePress seems to have a large number of PSYOP related merchandise although it’s obviously a mixture of military memorabilia and civilian creations who just want to use PSYOP images for its hipster value.

On the more disturbing end of the scale, t-shirts with the slogan “PSYOP: Because Physical Wounds Heal” seem to be regularly featured on EBay.

There’s also quite a few PSYOP promotional videos on YouTube, including this slightly clunky film that has a hint of 80s corporate video about it. Gotta dig that music.

2 thoughts on “PSYOP merchandise”

  1. I’ve got a closet full of would-be badass trinkets like these from my years in PSYOP.
    The funny thing is, even with all the graphic-design chops we were supposed to have (and bring to bear on the target audience), there was never more than a handful of people in any given unit who could turn out anything that looked halfway decent.
    These shirts and keychains are, sadly, no exception. To my eye, they turn USACAPOC’s striking chess-knight-and-lightning-bolt iconography into something a thirdrate Alberta metal band might sport on their t-shirts. Quite a few steps down from the historical roots of the modern trade in WWII, if you ask me – I bet some of that era’s PSYOP images still live amid your synapses, however foggily remembered. (“Driving with Hitler,” anyone?)
    Sigh and double sigh.

  2. I love Psyops merchandise…that’s what psyops does! I miss the old 96 foxtrot-37 foxtrot MOS! I am a long haired Democrat, but I still love my USACAPOC shield tatoo’d on my arm. Fond memories.

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