Trip At The Brain

It’s an age old story. Boy meets girl. Boys loses girl. Boy thinks it might be because he was hypnotised by a crazed scientist who was swinging a brain on a chain. Boy thinks this might explain why the girl was originally a nun but changed into hallucinatory sex vampire.

Yes, it’s the video for mostly nonsensical ‘Trip At The Brain’, produced in 1988 by the skate metal pioneers Suicidal Tendencies.

I suspect it’s what might happen if you were the lead singer of a metal band who hallucinated evil neuroscientists while on a bad trip, or if you were a neuroscientist who hallucinated a metal band while on a bad trip.

Nevertheless, it remains one the finest examples of 20th century neuroscience, heavy metal and hallucinatory sex vampire art.

Link to video of Suicidal Tendencies’ ‘Trip at the Brain’

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